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Spanish Schools in Trinidad

If you think that studying at a Spanish school in Trinidad sounds just perfect for you and you can picture yourself strolling the cobbled streets with a backdrop of leafy palm trees and ornate colonial buildings, then look no further than this page. We have conducted a review of the Spanish learning centres on offer in Trinidad in order to make the next step of deciding which institute is for you that little bit easier!

Enforex Trinidad

(N.B. This is an Enforex partner school called Study Team Cuba)

Facts and Figures

LocationClasses are unique in that they are held in the teacher's house, the host family home or a local cultural centre
SizeHouses of teachers normally small to medium sized
Number of Students/ClassMaximum 3
Internet AccessThere is an internet cafe in the Historic Quarter

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - Most of the Spanish classes are held in the home of the teacher, giving you a unique insight into a typical Cuban household. They will be fully equipped with all that you will need for your language learning process and your teacher will help you out with anything that you would like to know either regarding your Spanish lessons or the town of Trinidad in general
  • Teaching Methods - All teachers are native and highly educated Cubans with experience teaching the Spanish language to foreigners. The aim is to make the Spanish course fun and exciting for you during this truly unique experience and encourage as much participation and practice from the students as possible right from the very beginning. This Spanish institute works together with Paradiso, an organisation which promotes culture and tourism throughout Cuba
  • Courses Offered and Levels - At this Enforex partner school you can choose from a number of different Spanish courses including an Intensive Group course of 20 hours per week, a Super Intensive Group course for 20 hours per week in a group combined with 5 or 10 additional One to One lessons, a One to One course, a Spanish and Cuban Dance course and a Spanish and Cuban Music course. You could be doing the mambo and cha cha chaing in no time at all! Levels available range from Beginner to Superior
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - Students will usually meet around 8.30 pm at a designated spot and decide on the evening or weekend activity. Some of the activities you might be getting up to in Trinidad include scuba diving, football, tennis, snorkeling, scuba diving and horse riding close to waterfalls. The excursions often on offer include a boat trip to Cayo Blanco, lunch included, a visit through Valle de los Ingenios on a touristic train, horse riding in the mountains with some swimming in the middle and trips in and around Trinidad such as to Santa Clara and Cienfuegos
  • Accommodation - Students can stay with a local host family during their Spanish course where they will be able to practice their Spanish and gain an insight into life in a typical Cuban household. You will be cooked breakfast and dinner each day and will be provided with your own key so you can come and go as you please

Cuba Junky

Facts and Figures

LocationAt your teacher's house or in a local cultural centre
SizeSmall or medium houses or centres
Number of Students/ClassSmall classes
Internet AccessThere is an internet cafe in the Historic quarter of Trinidad

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - The classes at this Spanish language organisation are held in the homes of the teachers or in another appropriate centre or else out and about, on the streets and experiencing day to day life in Trinidad. You will be provided with all the materials you will need and will obtain a certificate once your course is over. There is a farewell dinner included as well with some typical Cuban fayre.
  • Teaching Methods - Cuba Junky believes in immersing yourself in the Cuban culture and learning whilst doing. Lessons take the form of topics that will be covered in the morning lessons and followed by a matching afternoon activity, for example 'Cuban Music' will be followed by a visit to see some Cuban musicians
  • Courses Offered - The courses on offer include one to one and group courses or a fifteen day course which includes 20 hours of Spanish lessons combined with cultural activities and a stay in a 'Casa Particular' (a family home with a licence to accommodate guests and cook food for them)
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - This Spanish organisation will ensure you experience Cuba to the full and it offers an insight into the everyday lives, crafts, cuisine and nightlife of the local people. There are tours in classic cars, swimming underneath the waterfalls, visits to the beach, music demonstrations and tasting some Canchánchara cocktails in the local tavern of the same name.
  • Accommodation - During your Spanish language courses you will be staying in a Casa Particular, which is within walking distance of the historical centre and has a licence for guests. They will also cook you meals and breakfast is included