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Spanish Schools in Santiago de Cuba

So the glittering cultural scene and abundance of political and historical exhibits are just the thing for you and you would like to study Spanish in Santiago de Cuba? Not a bad choice at all. The next step is to decide which Spanish learning centre is the perfect one for you! Let us help you with this task. We have compiled a review of some of the Spanish schools in Santiago de Cuba for your perusal and hopefully they will make your decision that little bit easier.

Enforex Santiago de Cuba

(N.B. This is an Enforex partner school called Study Team Cuba)

Facts and Figures

LocationThere is no main school in Santiago de Cuba, all classes are held in the homes of the teachers or in a local Culture Centre
SizeNormally small to medium houses of the teachers
Number of Students/ClassMaximum 3
Internet AccessFor a small fee students can use the computers in the Hotel Santiago or the Hotel Casa Grande

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - This Spanish learning centre offers a unique experience in Santiago de Cuba in that the classes will all be held in in the home of your teacher or a local Cultural Centre and there is no central school building. This gives you an authentic experience and an insight into a typical Cuban household in the big city. There is a transfer available from the airport to your accommodation if needed and teachers will be ready to answer any questions you might have regarding your course and your surroundings. There is internet in some of the internet cafes in town, but as these can get crowded it might be better to try one of the larger tourist hotels
  • Teaching Methods - All teachers are native and highly educated Cubans with experience teaching the Spanish language to foreigners. The aim is to make the Spanish course fun and exciting for you during this truly unique experience and encourage as much participation and practice from the students as possible right from the very beginning. This Spanish institute works together with Paradiso, an organisation which promotes culture and tourism throughout Cuba

Spanish Schools Santiago de Cuba

  • Courses Offered and Levels - At this Enforex partner school you can choose from a number of different Spanish courses including an Intensive Group course of 20 hours per week, a Super Intensive Group course for 20 hours per week in a group combined with 5 or 10 additional One to One lessons, a One to One course, a Spanish and Cuban Dance course and a Spanish and Cuban Music course. You could be doing the mambo and cha cha chaing in no time at all! Levels available range from Beginner to Superior
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - Some of the activities organised each week for your entertainment include a guided tour of Santiago de Cuba, trips to the local swimming pool, party nights at the teacher's house with Cuban rum drinks, dance classes, music classes, experiencing Santería (a mix of Catholicism with ucumí religion of the African Yoruba tribes), visits to a tobacco factory and rum museum, the Morro castle, a mango farm, horse riding, La Gran Piedra and snorkeling or diving. Looks like you will definitely be kept occupied!
  • Accommodation - Students can stay with a local host family during their Spanish course where they will be able to practice their Spanish and gain an insight into life in a typical Cuban household. You will be cooked breakfast and dinner each day and will be provided with your own key so you can come and go as you please

Academia Caribe

Facts and Figures

LocationCentral Santiago de Cuba, classes are held in the homes of your teacher
SizeSmall to medium homes of teachers
Number of Students/ClassMaximum 2
Internet AccessStudents can use the internet in local hotels or internet cafes for a small fee

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - This Spanish learning centre in Santiago de Cuba gives you the unique experience of staying in your teacher's home whilst learning Spanish, thus enabling you to become totally immersed in a typical Cuban household. There are all the facilities you will need in each house and the added advantage of not having to travel any further than the sitting room in order to get to class
  • Teaching Methods - Academia Caribe provides you with a total immersion experience with a focus on interaction and communication. The teachers are all fully qualified professionals and will take into consideration the needs and requirements of each individual student
  • Courses Offered - This Spanish institute offers One to One or Two to One Spanish Homestay programmes where you will stay at the house of your Spanish teacher for the duration of your Spanish course. There are also online courses available. All levels are catered for
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - Santiago de Cuba has a wealth of cultural activities and sights on offer and your teacher will be happy to help your to organise excursions and give you tips on the best things to see in the surrounding area while you are visiting
  • Accommodation - Throughout the duration of your Spanish course you will stay with your Spanish language teacher, therefore guaranteeing a total immersion experience. All houses are fully equipped and not far from Santiago de Cuba centre and all of the city's main attractions