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So, like Hemingway, you have taken a shine to this delightful little Spanish city of bull running fame and you are now perhaps thinking you would like to make it your home for a while, possibly for the duration of a Spanish course? Well then let's grab the proverbial bull by the horns and have a look at some of the best Spanish centres in Pamplona that are available:

Enforex Pamplona

(N.B This is an Enforex Partner School called Pamplona Spanish Institute)

Facts and Figures

LocationAvenida de Baja Navarra, 5 minutes walking from central square (Plaza de Castilla or 'Pamplona's Living Room), looking out over Half Moon Park from the top floor of the Pamplona Medical School
Size Small, 7 classrooms
Summer Camps AvailableYes
Internet AccessYes (free access to computers and WiFi)
Wheelchair AccessYes

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - Enforex Spanish partner school in Pamplona has an airy roof terrace for students to enjoy, a resource centre and library and a film centre, cafe and a restaurant housed in a converted greenhouse with a discounted three course meal for students (most importantly you say...
  • Teaching Methods and Accreditation - Students will work from a specially designed course book and the aim is to facilitate the transition both linguistically and culturally in Spain as easily and as rapidly as possible. The focus is on communication and assessing the needs of each individual student with a class structure that permits content to flow from one week to the next with ease. All materials included in your course fee. The school in Pamplona is accredited/recognised by: CEDELE, Instituto Cervantes, AELE, SODENA, CSN, Bildungsurlaub, La Cámara de Madrid and Samuel Ginn College of Engineering.
  • Courses Offered and Levels - At the Pamplona Spanish academy, Spanish is offered in an Intensive course either for a short or long-term period. There are also courses specifically to learn Medical Spanish and Spanish for Engineers, programs for younger students and One to One and group courses. At the Enforex partner school in Pamplona there are 6 levels of ability ranging from Elementary to Superior. So you will be placed in the correct level for you and be able to get stuck right in and enjoy your Spanish learning experience from the word go!
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - Enforex encourages you to explore and enjoy your surroundings in this historic and delightfully characteristic city. The school will organise city tours, movie nights, regional wine tasting and tapas tours to give you he opportunity to expose yourself to Spanish culture outside of the classroom, practice what you have learnt in the classroom and make some new friends chatting to the other students also at the school. You also happen to be in the ideal place for a spot of outdoor adventure and the school also organises activities such at pot-holing, trekking and canoeing as well as visits to some of the wonderful historic cities and towns along the route of the Camino de Santiago.
  • Accommodation - Whilst studying Spanish in Pamplona you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Spanish culture and absorb every last drop you can, by staying with a local Spanish host family. You can also opt for staying in a shared student apartment and give yourself the opportunity to make some new International friends.

Estudio Hispanico Pamplona

Facts and Figures

LocationTwo schools in Pamplona, one in city centre, another in converted factory outside city.
Size Small, 7 classrooms
Summer Camps AvailableNo
Internet AccessYes (free access to computers and WiFi)

More Details

Estudio Hispanico
  • Facilities and Services - In the Estudio Hispanico Spanish academy in the centre of Pamplona the facilities include a library, auditorium and restaurant and cafe for those peckish moments in between classes. In the school that is located a bit further outside the city there is a cinema room, library and multimedia centre.
  • Teaching Methods - Aim is to cover all aspects of learning Spanish by using it and not simply learning it in a passive manner.
  • Courses Offered - There are several courses on offer, ranging from Standard, Intensive, DELE Preparation, Spanish Courses combined with work experience, Medical Spanish and Business Spanish, amongst other options.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - In Pamplona with Estudio Hispanico you can benefit from trips to local vineyards, group meals, Spanish film nights and tapas tours and various excursions a bit further afield.
  • Accommodation -You have a few choices when it comes to accommodation. You can stay with a local host family, in a student residence, in a self catering apartment with your fellow International students or in a private apartment.