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If you think Learning Spanish at a language school in Havana is perfect for you and you want to experience typical Cuban life whilst learning new skills and about new cultures, then look no further. We have put together a handy guide to some of the Spanish learning Centres available to you in La Havana, so as to make your decision of which to attend that little bit easier!

Universidad de La Habana

Facts and Figures


San Lázaro and Plaza de la Revolución, edge of Old Town, easily accessed on foot or by public transport

Internet AccessYes (University has its own fully equipped library)

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - The Havana University was founded in 1728 and is the oldest University in Cuba. There are a total of 16 faculties and 14 research centres that make up the University. It has been a centre of political protests and activism over the years, but these were repressed under Castro when he came to power following the 1959 Revolution. Nowadays the University is a modern and esteemed centre for learning with all of the facilities necessary to embark on or continue your Spanish language studies
  • Teaching Methods - The teaching approach here is a communicative one and involves active participation of the student and practice of speaking and writing skills. This, combined with the cultural, social and academic ambience of attending the University, helps the students to build up their confidence and language skill base
  • Courses Offered and Levels - The University offers short duration Intensive Spanish courses including 20 hours a week of lessons. There are also special courses such as Cuban Culture, Applied Language for Teachers and Sign Language, amongst others. There are five levels of language ability at this Spanish learning centre, ranging from Beginner to Superior
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - As the Spanish courses are taught through the University there will be no shortage of activities for you to participate in around campus. There are numerous different University clubs and societies and your support officer and teachers will be more than happy to tell you what events are currently on, how to get to certain places and recommendations for your stay in Havana.
  • Accommodation - The International Academic Services Office will be happy to help you in any accommodation queries. Havana is a huge city with hotels, hostels, apartments, local host families and residences all within easy reach of the University

Enforex Havana

(N.B. This is an Enforex partner school called Study Team Cuba)

Facts and Figures

LocationThere is no main school in Havana, all classes are held in the homes of the teachers
SizeNormally small to medium sized homes of teachers
Number of Students/ClassMaximum 3
Internet AccessIn town/Large tourist hotels

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - This learning centre offers a unique experience in Havana in that the classes will all be held in in the home of your teacher and there is no central school building. This gives you an authentic experience and an insight into a typical Cuban household in the big city. There is a transfer available from the airport to your accommodation if needed and teachers will be ready to answer any questions you might have regarding your course and your surroundings. There is internet in some of the internet cafes in town, but as these can get crowded it might be better to try one of the larger tourist hotels.
  • Enforex school Havana
  • Teaching Methods - All teachers are native and highly educated Cubans. The aim is to make the Spanish course fun and exciting for you during this truly unique experience and encourage as much participation and practice from the students as possible right from the very beginning. This Spanish institute works together with Paradiso, an organisation which promotes culture and tourism throughout Cuba
  • Courses Offered and Levels - At this Enforex partner school you can choose from a number of different Spanish courses including an Intensive Group course of 20 hours per week, a Super Intensive Group course for 20 hours per week in a group combined with 5 or 10 additional One to One lessons, a One to One course, a Spanish and Cuban Dance course and a Spanish and Cuban Music course. You could be doing the mambo and cha cha chaing in no time at all! Levels available range from Beginner to Superior
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - Each night the students will meet at a designated meeting point and decide upon the activity for that evening or weekend. Some examples of activities and trips organised include excursions to the Playas del Este, guided tours of Havana, trips to the local swimming pool, Trinidad, Pinar del Rio, Santa Clara, dance lessons, music classes and witnessing the local Santeria religion in action (it is a mixture of Catholicism and the religion of the Yoruba tribes in Africa). These trips are all a great excuse to get out and about, spend some time with your new classmates and practice your new Spanish skills
  • Accommodation - You can choose to live with a local host family for the duration of your Spanish language course in Havana and therefore gain an insight into daily life in a local household and be able to practice your Spanish speaking skills and maybe even get a bit of help with your homework! All families are within 15 minutes of the old part of Havana

Sprachcaffe Plus Languages

Facts and Figures

Location 702, Havana, Miramar district, residential area
SizeSmall, 6 classrooms
Number of Students/ClassNormally 8
Internet AccessYes (access to computer with internet)

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - Sprachcaffe boasts a pleasant terrace, common room and a cafeteria for students to relax and socialise in.Ther is also a small computer area. The location of the school is ideal as it lets you study and relax away from the distraction of the city centre, yet is within close proximity to the beaches and all the main attractions. Miramar was one of Cuba's most luxurious neighbourhoods in the 1950s and today still retains an air of sophistication and glamour
  • Teaching Methods and Accreditation - All of the teaching materials used at this Spanish learning centre are modern and up to date and they aim to make the learning process fun and enthusiastic instead of a chore. Communication and practice are key and various activities and exercises such as role plays and question and answer sessions are used. Sprachcaffe has been approved and recognised by ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations), Instituto Cervantes, the British Council and English UK, amongst other organisations
  • Courses Offered and Levels - At this Spanish institute you can study a Part Time Spanish course for 10 hours each week, a Semi Intensive course which has 20 lessons per week, an Intensive course which has 30 lessons each week and an Individual course to be arranged to suit your availability. There are different levels of ability at this school and you will be tested upon arrival so that you are placed into a suitable course for your language level
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - At this Spanish learning centre, in addition to your Spanish language course, you can also take lessons in typical Cuban dance and in Drumming, learning all about the three different styles of Rumba and working on your rhythm as you go
  • Accommodation - There are two types of accommodation available during your Spanish course. You can stay in a Guest house or a comfort apartment. Both give an opportunity to interact with other people, either fellow students or locals, and therefore to practice your Spanish language skills!