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If you think being able to combine culture with charm, cheer and copas is just the thing for you and you would like to study at a Spanish school in Córdoba, then look no further. We have put together a trusty guide to help you with the next step in the process, that of choosing which Spanish learning centre is the one for you in this charming and energetic city.

Enforex Córdoba

N.B. This is an Enforex Partner School called Coined)

Facts and Figures

Location San José de Calasanz 32, nearby to main attractions and monuments and close to shopping district
SizeSmall, 8 classrooms
Number of Students/ClassMaximum 9 in Immersion course, Maximum 7 in Intensive courses
Internet AccessYes (free WiFi)

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - This Spanish institute in Córdoba will make you feel right at home from the moment you arrive as on your first day there is a welcome lunch and guided tour of the city. The school also boasts a backyard area with a barbeque, a student meeting room for relaxing and socialising and a fully equipped kitchen with free tea, coffee, milk and water constantly available. There are audio and video rooms and free WiFi throughout the school
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  • Teaching Methods and Accreditation - This Enforex partner school in Córdoba places a lot of emphasis on interaction as part of the process of learning a language and they see the classes you will receive as a foundation or a step along the path to lifelong language learning. They try to cover interesting topics and simulate situations that you are going to come across in day to day life on the street and in the shops and restaurants speaking Spanish. All of the teachers are enthusiastic about their job, professional and there to help. The centre is accredited by ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations, AMPEI (Association Mexicana para la Educación Internacional), BELTA (Brazilian Educational and Language Travel Association), GWEA (Global Work Experience Association)and FIYTO (Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations), amongst others
  • Courses Offered and Levels - This Spanish language centre offers a number of different general Spanish courses, including an Intensive course with 20 hours of group classes a week, Super Intensive courses of 30 hours in a group per week and an Immersion Course which involves 20 group classes every week combined with 5 private lessons. There is also the option of taking a Private course of 10 lessons each week. If you fancy doing something a bit different on top of your Spanish language lessons then this school offers you the opportunity to combine your course with Tango or Salsa lessons. Following the European Framework for languages, there are three principal levels of language ability, each of which consists of two sub levels. You will be tested to find out your appropriate level on your first day and placed in the class that will be most beneficial to your language learning
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - Boredom doesn't get a look in at this Spanish institute. Every week different activities are organised for all students such as salsa classes, Museum visits and cooking classes demonstrating how to make typical Argentinean specialties such as empanadas and alfajores. There are also opportunities to explore the Jesuit block, visit the nearby Sierras and have a go at some water sports on the lakes there, such as windsurfing, water skiing, sailing and fishing
  • Accommodation - In Córdoba during your Spanish language course you have the opportunity to stay with a local Spanish host family and practice all the Spanish skills you are picking up in class during the day and gaining an insight into typical daily Argentinean life. All host families live within 10 to 20 minutes walk of the school. You can also opt to stay in a private or shared room in one of the residences in the city with other international and local students. Finally, there are private apartments available to rent if you would like a bit more privacy during your Spanish course

CELEC Argentina

Facts and Figures

LocationFernando Fader 4020, in a residential area, 20 minutes bus ride from city centre
Number of Students/ClassMaximum 5, Average 3
Internet AccessYes (free access)

More Details

  • Facilities and Services - CELEC offers students a more tranquil school than those found in the city centre. It is a small school which allows for a more personalised attention for every student. It is equipped with video and audio equipment for use in classes and course materials specifically designed and selected by the school's teachers is used in each course. At the end of your course you will receive a Certificate noting the level of Spanish you have achieved
  • Teaching Methods - This Spanish learning centre believes in using the communicative approach to language learning and developing a knowledge of the Spanish language both through selected materials and through interacting with local people in everyday situations. Various materials are used during the classes such as video, audio, magazine articles and newspapers and all teachers at the school are native Argentineans with University degrees
  • Courses Offered and Levels - At CILEC you can study a Short Spanish course of 20 hours in a group class per week or a Basic course which again has 20 hours per week of lessons, but is for a total duration of 4 weeks. There is also a full Immersion course which again is for 4 weeks, but involves more integration with locals and language practice. The school can organise tailor made group courses for groups of 5 or more people of a similar level who wish to take classes together and they will take into account the particular interests and needs of the group when designing the course. Also on offer are Spanish courses combined with Volunteer work, an Internship programme, Golf, Horse Riding, Tennis or Argentinean and Latin American Art lessons. There are five levels of Spanish language ability at this Spanish learning centre, ranging from Elementary to Advanced
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - CILEC will equip students with all the information they need on a daily basis in order to carry out trips to the surrounding area, how to arrange outdoor adventure activities and what to do and see in the city of Córdoba and its surrounding area
  • Accommodation - During your Spanish course in Córdoba you can choose to stay with a local Cordoban host family, thus allowing you to practice your Spanish and gain an insight into family life in Argentina. Or you might prefer a student residence where you can share with other students or have a private room and there is even a swimming pool and a basketball court. If you would like something a little bit more private the school will also help you to arrange accommodation in a hotel

Set Idiomas

Facts and Figures

LocationLaprida 255, located 10 minutes from the Downtown area in the pleasant Güemes neighbourhood
Number of Students/ClassNormally a maximum of 6 students
Internet AccessYes (free access to computers and WiFi)

  • Facilities and Services - Set Idiomas provides students with fully equipped classrooms, a students' lounge containing sofas, a library and a computer with access to the internet. There is also a kitchen for the use of students with free coffee, tea and local herbal drink, 'maté' and you can enjoy your choice of drink in the outside terrace and patio looking out over the bohemian neighbourhood of Güemes
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  • Teaching Methods and Accreditation - This Spanish learning centre uses a communicative approach by simulating everyday tasks and situations and building on all the main skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading. Whilst grammar is an important port of the classes, it is not taught in a repetitive, learn by heart type of way, rather through interaction and inductive reasoning. This Spanish institute is accredited by Argentine Association of Language Centers(SEA), Instituto Cervantes and the Agencia Córdoba Turismo
  • Courses Offered and Levels - There are a wide range of courses on offer at Set Idiomas. You can study a Standard Spanish course in a group with 20 hours of lessons a week, a Spanish course specifically designed for Brazilians (also 20 hours a week), One to One courses for either 4, 10, 15 or 20 hours a week, whatever suits you best. If you are travelling with a friend a good idea might be enroll in this school's Two to One lessons where you can attend a course tailor made to both your abilities. There are also One to One courses for specific purposes such as Business, Latin American Culture, Tourism, Medicine, Law, Gastronomy and Academical purposes. You can combine your group courses with five private lessons for a more intense language experience, take a DELE or CELU preparation course and even a course designed for more permanent residents in Córdoba such as International students studying at Córdoba University. The levels of ability here are based on the European Framework for Language Reference. There are 6 levels ranging from Beginner to Superior
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - Each week the school organises a number of different activities for students to enjoy such as football tournaments, city tours and they will also recommend Museums to visit or exhibitions that are currently on throughout the city
  • Accommodation During your time studying at this Spanish institute you can stay with a local host family for a true Spanish language immersion experience, a shared apartment or in a student residence