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Finding out which is the best Spanish school in Alicante for you can often seem like a daunting and arduous task, but help is at hand. We have selected some of the institutions that stand out to us and aim to give you a comprehensive insight into what life might be like whilst studying with them and to give you an idea of whether a particular school is your ideal match or your partner from hell, hopefully making the selection process much more simple for you. We have conducted this review by looking at the various characteristics and qualities of each school and noting the key features of each. Learning Spanish in Alicante could be one of the greatest and most rewarding adventures you embark on and I hope we can help with the initial yet paramount decision of which Spanish learning centre to choose.

This is by no means an exhaustive selection listed here below, but it is what we feel is definitely a good place to start!

Enforex Alicante

Facts and figures

LocationPaseo de la Explanada, Central location, two minutes from beach
Size Small, familiar, 150 student capacity
Number of Students/ClassOn average 5, Maximum 10
Summer Camps AvailableYes
Internet AccessYes (Free)
Wheelchair AccessYes

More Details

    Enforex Alicante
  • Facilities and Services - Enforex is home to eight spacious and well-lit classrooms, a computer lab with free access to the internet, a well-stocked library and video room and refreshment machines and on top of this it is open all year round! They also have a multi-lingual staff and Administration office to take care of your every need and provide you with a welcome pack upon arrival. All you could need in order to successfully learn Spanish in Spain.
  • Teaching Methods and Accreditation - The Spanish course in Alicante is taught by qualified and experienced teachers using their own specially designed course books. The main aims of the course are to equip you with all the skills necessary to make you feel comfortable in any Spanish speaking environment and to help with the process of both linguistic and cultural adaptation. Within the classes the Enforex teachers will use a combination of Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary in order to achieve these aims together with you.
    All the accreditations are widely recognised throughout Europe. Enforex is a member of the following National and International organisations: eduSpain, NAFSA (Association of International Educators ), AATSP (The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, AMACFE (Asociación Madrileña de Centros de Formación), FEDELE (Federación Española de Asociaciones de Escuelas de Español para Extranjeros , AECAE (Agrupación Educativa de Cursos Académicos en el Extranjero) and ELITE. It also holds the Ideal Quality Certificate. Other recognitions include: Sweden's CSN, Germany┬┤s Bildungsurlaub and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce Madrid. Also available are credits for University studies for foreigners carried out in Alicante.
  • Courses Offered and Levels - Enforex Spanish school has a wide range of Spanish courses on offer, from General Intensive Spanish courses to Special Spanish courses which can include One to One classes and classes specifically for those over 50 and Summer Camps for Juniors. Also available at Enforex Alicante is the 'Learn Spanish while Travelling' programme, which allows you to travel throughout Spain and pick up your Spanish studies where you left off at any participating Enforex school. So, should you fancy hopping from Alicante to Granada or popping over to Marbella, all the while continuing your Spanish studies, then this is your chance!Enforex has structured each course into six levels ranging from Basic to Proficiency. You will be level tested on you first day at Enforex in order to place you in the class level that you will be most comfortable in and benefit the most from.
  • Extra-curricular Activities and Trips - This Spanish learning centre offers dance classes and film showings one day every week and trips to places including Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid at weekends and weekday afternoon excursions to Museums, Santa Barbara Castle and local Markets. What better way to learn Spanish whilst you visit Alicante than to take a Spanish course and on top of that get out and about with your classmates and use it!
  • Accommodation - During your time here, you can choose to make your Spanish course a complete Spanish Immersion programme and stay with a local Spanish host family. You also have the option to stay in student apartments with your new International friends from Enforex or you can opt for a private apartment.

Alhambra Instituto

Facts and Figures

LocationPaseo de la Explanada, Central location, two minutes from beach
Size Small, familiar size, capacity for 150 students
Number of Students/ClassMaximum 10 students per class, Average 5
Summer Camps AvailableNo
Internet AccessYes (Free access to computers + WiFi)
Wheelchair AccessNo

More Details

    Alhambra instituto
  • Facilities and Services - Alhambra boasts 8 classrooms, a Multimedia Room and a Library and Video Room
  • Teaching Methods and Accreditation - Teachers only experienced, native Spaniards. Key elements of all courses at Alhambra Instituto are Quality, Flexibility and Variety. All courses are accredited and approved by Instituto Cervantes amongst others.
  • Courses Offered and Levels - They offer four kinds of intensive Spanish courses ranging from Semi to Super Intensive and additionally One to One classes are available. You will be placed in one of the six levels (Basic to Proficiency) of ability that the school has in order to facilitate your learning in the best way possible.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - There are various different activities organised to complement your Spanish Language learning such as weekly dance lessons and film projections and also afternoon trips to numerous sights such as the local markets and a city tour. At the weekends you can go further afield to cities like Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid, to name but a few.
  • Accommodation - You have the option to choose between staying with a Host Family for the duration of your Spanish Language Course, in Student Flats or in a Private Flat or Hotel
  • Proyecto Español Alicante

    Facts and Figures

    LocationCalle de García Morató, Central location, beside Market
    Size Small school, 7 classrooms
    Number of Students/ClassAverage 5, Maximum 10
    Summer Camps AvailableYes
    Internet AccessYes (Free access to computers+ WiFi)
    Wheelchair AccessYes

    More Details

  • Facilities and Services- At Proyecto Español the student has use of rooms with TV/DVD/Video, Library service and Free internet access and a study centre for students to use whenever they feel like it, so they can keep plugging away at what they have learnt and are learning every day.
  • Teaching Methods and Accreditations - This Spanish institution in Alicante aims to provide you with 'professional, methodologically sound language instruction' and encourages at the same time getting to know the real Spain, the cultural side to learning, which includes taking a look at regional customs and behaviour, including street slang and colloquialisms. Instituto Cervantes, FEDELE, Español en Andalucía and AMEELE (Asociación Mediterránea de Escuelas de Español de la Comunitat Valenciana), amongst others recognise and accredit the courses given at Proyecto Español in Alicante.
  • Courses Offered and Levels - Offers a 'Light' Course of 15 lessons per week and the normal Intensive courses and One to One lessons. Also making an appearance here are Spanish Teacher Training Courses and preparation for the DELE exam. Nine levels are offered, ranging from Beginner to Advanced.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips - Cinema nights, dinner parties and language exchanges are all organised by Proyecto Español free of charge for their students and at an extra cost also available are trips to certain local Museums, Santa Barbara Castle and Tapas nights.Ole!
  • Accommodation - Here you are offered two choices. During your language course you may stay with a host family, in a double or single room or opt for a shared apartment.