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Spanish in Marbella

Learn Spanish in Marbella

Reputed for decades now as one of the most pleasant holiday spots in the entire continent, the Costa del Sol has already been the perfect host to generations upon generations of tourists from home and abroad and Marbella is right in the heart of it. It lies just 25 kilometres to the south of the major port city of Málaga and has been equipped to provide nothing short of the best to visitors who come looking for leisure and the beautiful sea that gives the location its name.


If we look beyond golf courses and all-inclusive resorts, Marbella has plenty to offer to others who, perhaps, are looking for the right summer camp in Spain or are hoping to combine a bit of fun with a bit of culture. All of that, and a lot more is possible in Marbella, a place where almost nothing is out of the question.

From the gorgeous seaside promenade to the charming cobbled streets of the ancient city centre, Marbella hops from the XV to the XXI century with great ease and obstinate recurrence, providing the visitor with a constant source of pleasant surprises. Wedged between the Mediterranean Sea (Costa del Sol)and the colossal mountains behind, Marbella is crowded with nature and history, with a soft side for traditions in an eminently modern setting, which creates an uncanny blend of old and new.

The Rich and Famous

Over the past four decades, the tourist industry of Marbella has flourished, taking advantage of its favourable location, wedged between the mountains of the Sierra Blanca range and basking on the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, to attract prominent visitors.

The natural allure of Marbella, combined with a clever programme of urban development, saw the town emerge as the country's hot-spot for the rich and famous not only from Spain but from all over the world. These days, the concentration of luxury in Marbella is mostly to be found in Puerto Banus, the exclusive marina and residential complex that, ever since its opening in 1970, has monopolised the the attention of prominent tourists.

Together with the sumptuous lodgings of Puerto Banus, the commercial establishments of the 'Golden Mile' provide a special opportunity to flavour the lavish lifestyle of the more privileged section of society, with a collection of up-market boutiques and showrooms that could compete with the likes of the Via Montenapoleone of Milan, the Bahnhoffstrasse in Zurich or the Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Against the backdrop of the steep hills of the Sierra Blanca, Marbella cuts an impressive figure, rising sharply from the gorgeous coastline and spreading inlands, towards the foot of the hills, speckled constantly by the lush green of the over fifty golf courses that give the city its unmistakably fertile and extravagant character.

More than Just a Pretty Face


But Marbella is not only a perfect place to combine golf with a Spanish immersion program: culturally, rich, historically relevant and stylishly modern, Marbella provides the perfect blend of leisure and cosmopolitanism that almost coerces the visitor to engaging in a vast array of activities.

Blessed with the typical joie de vivre that characterises the region of Andalucía, Marbella continuously seduces visitors to enjoy life to the calm tune of the tides. And yet, relaxing in Marbella is carried out in the shadow of its monumental medieval walls or among the narrow lanes that carve the shape of the historic town centre.

Indeed, the two dominant cultures that have formed Spanish history and, in end effect, nature, meet within the ancient walls of the Muslim medina, where the Church of the Incarnation rises proud as a symbol of the Christian heritage of the city. A place, like the rest of the historic kingdom of Granada, where syncretism is an intrinsic part of its tradition.

Rich and lavish, beautiful and relaxing, Marbella, like the rest of the Costa del Sol, is a place designed to have a good time, where unexpected and almost incognito history, tradition and culture lurk behind every corner and stalk visitor until they finally, inevitably, pay notice. So be advised, and beware!