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Spanish in Cádiz

Learn Spanish in Cádiz

One of the most romantic cities in the world, Cádiz is as rich in legends as Rome or Athens. Indeed, it is said Hercules himself founded the city following the completion of his tenth labour, which involved stealing the cattle of the fearsome giant Geryon, who dwelled in the island of Erytheia, in the gulf of what came to be known as Gadir, Agadir, Gadeira, Gades, Qadis and, ultimately, Cádiz.

Halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Cádiz proudly boasts being one of the oldest settlements in Europe, and the oldest altogether in the Iberian coast. It also shows its rich heritage in the city's heraldry, with the mythic pillars of Hercules, marking the end of the civilisation with the ominous words Non Plus Ultra occupying a central figure in the Coat of Arms of Cádiz.

But beyond myths and legends, there is a palpable reality to the beauty of Cádiz which makes everything else fade into the background and lose its importance. Because the charm of a small city by the banks of a picturesque river, a narrow spit of land surrounded by water, connected through a narrow passage to the most stunning shoreline in the country, all give Cádiz a special feeling that is easier experienced than explained.

Because Learning Can Also Be Relaxing

If you are a busy person who thrives in the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, where the roads are always bursting with traffic and people seek cover behind the impersonal facade of a crowd, then Cádiz is most likely not the place you are looking for. Placid, beautiful and most decidedly easy going, this is the largest urban settlement in the province, the third largest in all of Andalucía and the largest urban point of reference in over 100 square kilometres. And yet, its population is inferior to 130,000 people.

Equipped with all the amenities of a large city and yet constrained by the geographical characteristics of the area, Cádiz is the perfect place to escape from the chores of daily life without necessarily committing to the total seclusion of the raw countryside. In other words, here you will find the confluence of two worlds, one distant and remote, the other modern and updated.

This backdrop might well be the ideal environment in which to enroll in a centre of Spanish learning, allowing you to concentrate above all in the improvement of your language skills and yet providing you with the resources that are essential in any decent language course in the XXI century.

Furthermore, with its richness of tales and legends, Cádiz provides a wonderful opportunity to those with a less disciplined imagination to combine their academic concerns with the wanderings of their mind. Imagine applying the theory imparted in Spanish schools in Cádiz to speculate about the making of the imposing wall on the outskirts of the city, to interpret the myth of Hercules, to unearth the intrigues surrounding the monumental temple to the Greek God, which once stood in the islands just off the coast of Cádiz, or to discuss the intricacies of the French invasion in the XIX century.

Better still, muse by the shoreline, upon the old city centre as you stroll over the ancient cobbled streets or you get lost within the labyrinth of narrow lanes and alleys of the various barrios found in town. Because one thing that you will notice when you spend some time in Cádiz is that, away from the hectic life of the city, the hours tend to pass less hurriedly, and suddenly a day seems just about enough to do everything your body is prepared to do.

If you think that a language course in Spain is just the same as any other, you are making a big mistake. It is crucial when you consider your destination that you understand the sort of place to which you are travelling, in relation to the expectations you have built. In Cádiz your learning will be accompanied by the gentle rhythm of the tides; it will be accentuated by the taste and the scent and the lifestyle of a traditional fishing village, turned by time and circumstance into a city of its own.

As the sun sets upon the distance and Cádiz is bathed in a sea of red, you will come to understand the mood, the individual traits, that have shaped the population of this area for over 3000 years - and, inevitably, that will also be transported to your knowledge and your understanding of the Spanish language.