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Spanish in Argentina

Learn Spanish in Argentina


Argentina today is home to a wonderful mixture of different cultures and vibes, from the buzzing city life of Buenos Aires, the traditional wine tasting region surrounding Mendoza, the chilling beauty of nature in Bariloche to the learned and wise Cordoba, there is a little bit of something for all who visit. And whilst Argentina might be more well known for tango dancing, wine tasting and skiing, it is also a hotspot for people wishing to learn the Spanish language.

Argentina shares borders with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay in South America and has a total land size of 2,780,400 square kilometres which contains a population of around 41 million people. The country as a whole has quite a temperate climate which is dry and subtropical in the north and sub-polar in the south and more mountainous areas, with cold winters.

Argentina is frequently the most visited country in South America when you look at the yearly figures of tourist arrivals. This is no surprise when you consider the diversity of the scenery and activities on offer throughout the country, the wealth of cuisine and cultural richness. Whilst they are there, many of these visitors spend some time learning the Spanish language in one of the many Spanish centres throughout the country. The locals are friendly and there are plenty of opportunities to combine your Spanish lessons with something a little bit different, such as skiing in the South, tango dancing in Buenos Aires and Cooking in the North.

Some of the most popular destinations for Spanish learners include:

  • Bariloche - Nestled in at the foot of the Andes, Bariloche is an adventure (and chocolate...) lovers' paradise. Originally a settlement established by Germans, Swiss and Austrians, it has the appearance of an alpine town and a winter wonderland feel about it as you wander around its quaint little chocolate shops and take in the snow covered mountains surrounding you. Nearby there are plenty of opportunities to take in the breathtaking scenery on treks, ski down the powdery slopes and take a boat trip on the deep blue lakes, all the while knowing that you can go back to your accommodation for a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire.

  • Buenos Aires
  • Buenos Aires - It may be said about many cities these days, but Buenos Aires is truly a city that never sleeps. If you are looking for a night out on the tiles never to be forgotten, then you are in the right place. Salsa clubs, tango shows, chilled out lounge bars and rowdy nightclubs are all easily found here and will keep you entertained until the small hours. As well as this, Buenos Aires is one of the richest cultural centres in South America, with a wealth of museums and art galleries to choose from. On top of all of this, there are some of the best steak restaurants to be found in Argentina (this really is saying something) dotted throughout the city, intermingled with a host of other cuisine choices, from Italian to Japanese and everything in between. This is a city lovers' city and it provides you with everything you could possibly be wishing for and more!

  • Cordoba - Also known as "La Docta" or "The Learned One", Cordoba is most well known for its University, the oldest in Argentina, that was set up by the Jesuits in 1613. The Jesuits have left behind a strong and rich legacy that is there for you to explore in the centre of the city. The buildings and Churches of the University or Jesuit Quarter are a delight to explore and take in, as are the city's many museums and exhibitions. Cordoba is a poplar spot for learning Spanish, probably die to the influence of the University, creating an environment very apt for studying, whilst making sure you don't forget to enjoy yourself at the same time.

  • Mendoza - Mendoza is the heart of the Argentine wine making industry and a buzzing cultural centre to boot. You can tour the local vineyards on a bike, taste a few of the regional specialties and enjoy a laid back pace of life in this very manageably sized city. There are also plenty of tranquil parks, often host to different musical performances and street artists. You could easily find yourself very much at home in Mendoza.