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Spanish in Flamingo Beach

How to Spend Your Downtime in Flamingo Beach


Be enticed by the sparkling blue ocean and sandy shore and head on down Playa Flamingo way! This small coastal zone is a popular spot for a reason, it is an oasis of tranquility and calm, only interrupted should you feel like going scuba diving, fishing or maybe even golfing or heading to the nearby towns for a more lively night scene. Playa Flamingo provides the perfect backdrop for studying a Spanish language course without distractions, giving yourself the best chance at learning the language and experiencing the culture inside out in one of the prettiest parts of all Costa Rica

The picturesque beach area of Playa Flamingo is where most of the activity is to be found and it is a pleasant place to pass some time down in the sand, reading and socialising. On top of this there are a host of water based activities on offer, ranging from beach trips to some of the other nearby pretty beaches such as Tamarindo, Potrero and Brasilito, fishing excursions in one of the world's best zones for deep sea fishing and scuba diving where you can swim with white fin sharks. And...if you don't become too friendly with them, be sure to try out some of the local seafood as well upon your return in one of the beach front restaurants.

Commendable Conservation

Costa Rica, in recent years, has implemented an impressive and internationally commended system of conservation of its forests, rainforests, major habitats and ecosystems. There are presently more than 180 protected area throughout all of the country. When you are in Playa Flamingo you just so happen to be right beside one of the most impressive areas, Marino Las Baulas National Park. It is made up of a sprawling area of splendid coastline and mangrove swampland. The wildlife who have made this area their home are as diverse as the park's scenery. If you make the worthwhile trip southwards down the coast you could see marine birds such as White Ibis, the Muscovy Duck and the Blue Winged Teal along with monkeys and even crocodiles. turtle For thousands of years the leatherback turtles that lend their name to the park (Baulas) have returned to its beaches to lay their eggs. They are decreasing in number and a species that needs protection. There is a small museum on site and you can participate in night time tours during nesting season. It is a tricky situation as the money generated from tourism helps with the conservation of the turtles, but too many tourists also have the effect of disturbing and frightening the turtles. Besides all of this, the Park itself is a must-see if you have any spare time during your Spanish language course in Playa Flamingo and a true insight into the innovative conservational and ecological work being done in Costa Rica.

Another National Park within reach and definitely worth a visit is Santa Rosa National Park where many more species of wildlife are currently protected such as bats, white-tailed deer and capuchin monkeys. In the whole park you will find no less than ten different habitats, ranging from swamp land to deciduous forests and savannah areas and even campsites and a coastline ideal for surfers. Little more than an hour away from all of this you will find Rincon de la Vieja, a national park with no less than three volcanoes, as well as many species of cats, birds and monkeys. Nature lovers will find themselves right at home in this area of Costa Rica, that is for sure.

Should all of this turtle watching and shark swimming have you craving dry land and a dose of normality then look no further than the nearby beach town of Brasilito, where there is a state of the art golf course called Reserva Conchal Golf Course, designed by Robert Trent Jones II. Brasilito in itself also has a nice beach and is worth a visit, along with any of the other beaches in this spread of coastline, especially as most are very easily reached.Also wiithin easy reach for a short trip is Nicaragua if you would like to add another stamp to your passport! The beautiful colonial city of Granada is particularly worth a visit and one of the closest to the border. Any Spanish school in Playa Flamingo will be ahppy to help you out with the process of arranging trips during your free time.