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Spanish in Monteverde

How to Spend Your Downtime in Monteverde

Monteverde is a true nature lovers paradise, there is no denying it. It sits at 4662 feet above sea level which explains the wonderful cloud formation that takes place. These clouds give moisture of the earth and plant-life below them, making for truly unique ecosystems, unlikely to be repeated anywhere else in the world. Learning Spanish in Monteverde will definitely be a unique experience and unlike learning Spanish in any other place in the world

On Eco-Cloud Nine

Of Monteverde's many attractions there is one that tourists flock to in their droves and that is the Monteverde Cloud Forest, home to in and around 100 different species of mammals, 400 types of birds, literally tens of thousands of insects and about 2500 different plant types. The Costa Rican people have voted it one of the seven wonders of their country and it is pretty hard to argue with them upon entering this Monteverde forest mystical, other-worldly place. In total the whole reserve is divided up into six ecological zones, each with its own unique set of flora and fauna. Beside Monteverde Cloud Forest, on the other side of the continental divide, is the Santa Elena Cloud Forest. Each park has its own attractions and sights to see throughout. Some of the activities you could find yourself getting involved in on the Monteverde half include Zip Lining through the trees, having a go on a tarzan swing, teetering across suspension bridges and just generally being very active!

You can go horse riding through the forest and to visit the San Luis Waterfalls, 100 metres in height and appearing as if from nowhere, emerging from the dense rainforest. It is a pretty backdrop for a picnic and you can even swim if you are feeling brave/warm enough!There are also plenty of opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, night tours through the jungle, wildlife spotting and bird watching. There is a Bat Jungle and a Sloth Sanctuary, both working to protect and preserve some of the most important species in the forest and in the Selvatura Park, located within the cloud forest, you can visit the Butterfly Gardens, the Hummingbird Garden and the Reptile and Amphibian Exhibition. If one Cloud Forest isn't enough for you then be sure to visit the neighbouring Santa Elena Cloud Forest where you will find an equal amount of fun activities and astounding views and sights.

Coffee, Cheese and Cutting-edge Cuisine

Closer to the town of Monteverde you will find yet more things to do, especially if you are partial to a bit of cheese now and again and are interested in the elaboration process, introduced by the dairy farming quakers who settled in the area in the 1950s from North America. They now have nearly twenty different varieties of cheese and produce around a hefty 1500 kilos a day (when they started out it was around 10 kilograms a day!). They also produce yoghurts and ice creams using local fruit and raw ingredients to make flavours such as coffee, coconut and mango. There are also a host of different coffee tours you can go on and give that famous Costa Rican coffee a taste in the Monte Verde and Santa Elena area and even if you are not a coffee fanatic, the process and the set up of the coffee plantations are definitely always worth a look.

Monteverde food

And speaking of culinary delights....Monteverde town is no stranger to cutting edge cuisine and in recent years it has seen a number of fusion restaurants pop up in and around the area, an experience that you should treat yourself to at least once during your Spanish language course in Monteverde. Restaurants such as Chimera, Sabor Espaol and Trio are serving up unique mouthwatering dishes such as prawns in an orange and rum sauce, fried yucca with chipotle garlic aioli, seabass with passion fruit cream, prawns flambéed in whisky, patacones accompanied by a mojito dipping sauce, chocolate mousse with sangria syrup and tonnes of different quirky cocktails to wash it all down with . Delish!

Monteverde may be small, but this only adds to its charm and life here is not about the big time, it is about getting back to nature and both delighting in and caring for our surroundings. Why not do your bit and combine a Spanish language course with volunteering in the Cloud Forest Reserve at a Spanish school in Monteverde? It is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.