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How to Spend Your Downtime in Marbella

Placid, subdued and tremendously popular, Marbella might provide the perfect backdrop for a spell of learning Spanish in Spain. With its wonderful lifestyle and modestly paused pace, you will often find yourself with time in your hands to devote to intellectually demanding tasks, while at the same time having the option to collate or space them out with the rather more mundane pleasures for which the city is so famous.

Because, while Marbella has built its reputation on the foundations of its fairy-like ability to fulfil the most extravagant dreams within the fanciful borders held within its 'Golden Mile', the exclusive moorings of its staggering marina, Puerto Banús, and the myriad golf courses that surround it with a lush vegetation and innumerable greens among an otherwise arid vegetation, this small city is also perfectly capable of providing the simplest and most enjoyable benefits Spain has to offer: good food, good weather, and good wine.

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano


Nothing makes the mind healthier and more active than a similarly fit body, engaged in training and conditioning on a daily basis. However, we all know how tedious and easily neglected physical exercise can be. Therefore, it is always favourable to be involved in a routine that forces us to perform some sort of work out, even if we find it toiling. The thing is, exercise doesn't always have to be like that. There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to taking care of our bodies, and without the faintest trace of a doubt, every kind of disposition will find at least one that will agree with it.

Among the many privileges that Marbella has to offer figure a whole plethora of sports and activities that can be enjoyed in the wonderful environment of the city. Many of these activities are evidently related to the outstanding beach that bathes the Costa del Sol – a stretch of land over 100 miles long that reaches from the ports of Málaga to the eastern end of the Peninsula of Gibraltar, offering unlimited sources of fun and adventure of all sorts, from extreme water sports to the subtle art of seeing and being seen in the trendiest of beaches.

Evidently, then, much of the entertainment and activities available in Marbella will revolve around the beach, water sports, tanning, strolling and cavorting in general. However, the diversity and sophistication of the scene in the city means that alternative activities, perhaps not immediately obvious to the unaware observer, are available. Tennis, for instance, is a sport usually associated to the area, and a favourite with regular visitors to the region. Nevertheless, any Marbella city guide will tell you that the most popular and most developed of these alternatives is, undoubtedly, golf.


Creating a stunning, and rather uncanny, scenery, as many as 30 golf courses reach inland and along the coastline immediately adjacent to Marbella, accounting for the acres and acres of greenery in what other wise is a predominantly arid landscape. Similarly, as many as 80 golf courses populate the whole of the Costa del Sol, often looking into the imposing Sierra Blanca, which rises monumentally roughly 20 kilometres to the north of the city. This wealth of choice makes it almost a moral responsibility to visit some or at least one of the courses, to take a walk along the gorgeous greens and put a ball or two with a view into the glorious turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea.

Contrary to popular belief, however, golf is not a sedentary, slow or tedious activity. As a matter of fact, if you embark on a proper 18-hole match, you will be surprised how tired your legs feel halfway through the course. And if you get into it and start competing, even within the casual environment of some friends or family, you will discover the unsuspected charge of adrenaline contained in the slow, crawling, progress of a ball down the slight slope of a green, approaching the flagpole inside a hole.

For all these reasons – because it is fun and exciting, healthy, distracting and also absolutely breathtaking – we have designed combined courses in Marbella that will enable you to learn Spanish in the relaxing and cosmopolitan environment of the city and mix it with golf or tennis classes, which will help you to keep fit, relief all the stress from your body and clear your mind. Come to learn Spanish in Marbella, and you will see how the ancient saying was truly wise: mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body.