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enforex school
Enforex Spanish Language School

Enforex Spanish Language School Madrid - Study Spanish in Enforex's recently renovated and fully equipped Spanish school in the popular Argüelles neighbourhood and have the opportunity to learn and make new International friends.

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don quijote school
don Quijote Language School

Don Quijote Spanish Language School Barcelona - Located in the trendy L'Eixample district, this large school has good facilities and even a patio and garden to relax in. Read a bit more in this Spanish school review and see if you think this could be the Spanish school for you!

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Suvre spanish school
Spanish Magic School in Oaxaca

Spanish Magic School- This Spanish language centre has all the facilities you will need to start on your Spanish speaking adventure. There is an outdoor courtyard for lessons in the sunshine, a well-stocked library for studying in and free WiFi for all students.

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One of the most difficult decisions when it comes to choosing where to study Spanish abroad involves committing to a place that, most likely, is totally unknown and that, nevertheless, will,on the one hand,be pivotal in the development of your language aptitude and on the other, will provide the foundation of a truly unique experience.

It is likely that any time spent abroad learning Spanish will always prove valuable, but the difference between an unforgettable experience and just an average one often lies simply in the temperament of each student, and their compatibility with the characteristics of the places and the Spanish language courses in question. Therefore it is of supreme importance to take a careful look at the different options and to make as informed a decision as is possible.

To this end, we have designed the following website to help you to make the right choice, with a set of comparisons that look into a number of cities in Spain and beyond, analysing not only the schools themselves, but also the characteristics of each city, the activities prevalent in them and the kind of atmosphere you will encounter upon your arrival. We provide the facts in the hope that they will be useful to you.

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